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Interior Coverings Ministry is a non-profit organization recognized by the State of Florida. We are a church of the Internet promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and to encourage the personal invitation for Him to dwell in ALL as brothers and sisters under the headship of Jesus. The ministry is open to all denominations and all individuals for the purposes of fellowship, teaching, and instruction that all might learn to move in the fullness of their inheritance as sons and daughters of our heavenly Father. We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ, that He is the Son of God. He was born of the Virgin Mary; He was crucified, dead and buried. On the third day He rose from the dead, and ascended to be seated at the right hand of the Father. He is alive forevermore. We believe in the trinity and that the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Amen.

The heart of each article is to enlighten life to believers by the Holy Spirit into each cell of the body of Christ. First the individual members, and then the corporate body being filled with His peace, love, and wholeness. As revelation takes place of who He is, and the power He breathed in us of who we are, then the manifestation of Jesus Christ shall be revealed to the earth putting all things under His feet (I Corinthians 15:27).

The material on the website is under USA copyright law. However, if it speaks to you, then ICM Publishing gives you permission without written consent to share the teachings with others as the Lord leads. We ask that you do so free of charge and include the following copyright information..."Used by permission; Interior Coverings Ministry, Copyright 2003 - 2006."

ICM does not have a collection plate or other sources of income, we must therefore rely on our partners in helping us to spread God's Word around the world. The organization is run by volunteers that have given their time and talents, but there is cost involved with publishing, overhead, website, etc. We believe that any funding ICM receives will be used to glorify the Father. A large portion of our ministry is donated towards sending Bibles to countries that have difficulty obtaining them. We are not an organization trying to play church to build ourselves up, but to BE the church, the body, of our Lord Jesus Christ. The earth belongs to our Father and we feel that God has revealed His Love to us to give to others showing them their true identity.

Different ways that you can be a part of Interior Coverings Ministry:
Financially be a partner with us to send Bibles to other countries,
Send us Bibles that we can ship,
Financially support us to keep our website and newsletter going,
Keep us on your prayer list for provision to keep this ministry continuing,
Send us addresses or e-mails of missionaries we could send Bibles to help their missions

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